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Content Services Platform & Enterprise Content Management

Allow an enterprise-grade integration of SharePoint and Enadoc, a world-class document management system for a smooth file digitization process for various industries such as legal, banking, education, and manufacturing. Streamline and optimize workflows through these solutions covering the following:

  • Document Capture, Archiving, and Management – from digitizing physical documents to maintaining digital versions, assured is a top-notch and scalable document management process hosted in a cloud-based or on-premise platform. 
  • Workflow Automation – Do away the hassle of a manual workflow. Let an automated business process pave the way for a more productive workplace. This is highly achievable through Enadoc + SharePoint implementation where in simple to complex processes are automated and secured. Project approvals, receipt processing, inventory checking, and invoice processing are just some of the workflows that can be automated through this integration.
  • Business Dashboard – Keep track of organizational KPIs, ROI rates, and other data points along with securing the necessary files to support each of these important company benchmarks. And through visual interpretations, make data-driven and reasonable business decisions to bring the organization to new heights.