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Data Capture and Imaging Services

Outsourced Document Capture & BPO Services

Tech One Global offers Document Capture/BPO services to manage your document processing and data capture needs from hundreds to billions of records.

Depending on your requirements and nature of the project, we implement various technologies to deliver expected data and document processing tasks by meeting the volume, schedule, quality, and industry standards using these technologies:

  • Contracts management and record management
  • Internal review and approval
  • Contract collaboration and negotiation
  • Contract signing
  • Contract termination and renewal

Our services are delivered from state-of-the-art BPO Centers (options including local, near-shore, and off-shore) with production level data processing software platforms and well-trained professionals equipped with these technologies:

  • Built-in digital signatures
  • All-in-one portal for client, case, team, and contracts management along with an organized library for document access and dashboard for analytics.
  • Subscription-based pricing model​
  • Cost-effective solution ​
  • Time-bound activities to boost productivity

Also, we don’t limit our operations inside our BPO centers as we are very much willing to provide our services in a location that is agreed and is convenient for our clients.

Let us take care of the scanning and you focus on leveraging your business!

Email and we’ll get you started.