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Enadoc is an award-winning, innovative, cloud-based enterprise document imaging system for businesses wanting to transition to cloud document management. Capture files on any device: desktop, mobile, scanner.

Main features:

  • Tag Cloud – visual representation of all the keywords tagged to a document upon saving. This simplifies the document indexing process and makes the retrieval of files easier.
  • Seamless collaboration – allows remote access to files anytime, anywhere. And because of a prompt mechanism for searching document tags, it allows more time for office productivity and collaboration.
  • Hexagonal Security – a six-fold security feature that comes into two types:
    • Active Security – assigns levels of user access. This covers usernames and passwords along with implementing role-based security. These comes into four: Username & Password, User Profiles & User Scope, Security Levels, and Dynamic Redaction.
    • Passive Security – prevents unauthorized access to information. This primarily covers Document Scope and Encryption.



Upon acquiring Enadoc, you will be provided with professional staff that will assist and guide you through the whole set up process.


Scan bulks of documents or capture directly using Enadoc Capture. You may also upload from your local drive.


After capturing and uploading, you may now add tags to your documents for easy searching and access.


After the tags have been applied, your document can now be stored in the cloud or on premise — or both.


Quickly find what you have uploaded using the tag cloud.

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