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Be future-ready to take on a career in content marketing! Tech One Global is seeking a savvy wordsmith to join our Content Marketing Team. Candidates must have a knack for and love of writing, creative juices, is a passionate learner and is looking at carving a career in a fast-paced IT working environment.



  • Assist in writing various types of articles on the industry-related topics and company’s products and services
  • Assist in writing email invitations, EDM, and press kit for events (PR and announcements)
  • Assist in developing creative copies and captions for various social media posts (including, but not limited to images, video, tweets, and callouts)


  • Currently taking bachelor’s degree program in English, Communications, Marketing, or related field
  • Has enthusiasm in reading and writing technology and innovation topics
  • Proficient in researching and writing skills. Versatile to adapt to different style, tone, and voice
  • Good organizational skills with the ability to work independently
  • Self-starter, willing to be mentored / coached, and appreciates constructive feedback
  • Responsible and conscious with deadlines
  • Has his/her own laptop to bring for the program

Successful candidates will be entitled to be at the forefront of innovation and will be given the opportunity to grow within the company. The allowance will be provided.

At the end of the program, the student (1) will have been exposed to the whole process of content creation under Digital Marketing, (2) will have written and published contents in accordance with the marketing plans set by the management, and (3) will have contributed their own ideas and strategies to the team’s processes and published materials.




  • Produce and publish 6 quality blogs per month targeting and capturing company’s customer profiles
  • Assist in sending email and EDM
  • Increase readership / viewership by 10% based on Average Session Duration and Bounce Rate metrics
  • Increase in social media post engagement and followers by 20%



  • Develop writing and marketing skills that will help them in communicating and working better in corporate setting and develop a career as content writer for Tech One Philippines;
  • Understand the customer’s journey from prospecting to conversion intro the sales funnel;
  • Become flexible in their writing style and tone regarding buyer’s journey stage, customer profile, and customer persona;
  • Be familiarized with latest Microsoft technologies, Tech One Global’s product and services, and other niche technologies such as cloud and ECM;
  • Build an arsenal of contents that can be upcycled for email campaigns, newsletters, blogs subscription, and website use.


Duration of program: 3 months (or every 3 months)

Key accomplishment


Company, solutions, apps, and role orientation


1 to 2 days


Marketing strategy and content marketing team discussion

Every Monday

Coming up with topics, researching, writing a draft, proofreading

1 week

Blog publishing

Every Friday at 9AM (scheduled latest on Thursday)

Researching valuable contents online (Microsoft sites), writing respective captions, and calendar for global posting

1 week

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